About Us

We believe that new waves of technologies arriving at the same time will revolutionize our legacy economic, political, and social systems. With that transformation comes a meaningful generational shift in how markets function and the enterprises operate. That is why VIRA Ventures was founded, to adapt and accelerate those changes already in its early stage.

Our Founders

We are a young ambitious team with profound experience in dealing with Web 3.0 applications and have completed numerous successful investments in the technology sector.

Philipp Racher

Philipp Racher

Managing Partner

Andreas Viertbauer

Andreas Viertbauer

Managing Partner

Our Advisors & Partners

We have sought out promising advisors & partners who provide immense wisdom and experience in various fields.

Dejan Ristic

Asset Management

Benno Raeber


Paul Pöltner


Samuel Huber

CEO LandVault

Swiss Based

As a pioneer in terms of the legal frameworks
and also as an internationally respected business location,
we have chosen Switzerland as our home.