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Blockchain Select AMC

Since the emerging of the blockchain technology, digital assets and especially cryptocurrencies establish themselves as a new investment sector.


Get access to this new asset class through a bankable spot only blockchain investment certificate.


Capturing Value of
Blockchain Adoption

The investment objective of the AMC is to achieve long-term capital growth by diversified investing in  blockchain protocols which capture a wide range of value through future network activity.

Overall Crypto Market Size Is Still Very Small

The crypto market as an asset class is still very young compared to well established markets. Hence the price discovery for crypto assets still needs to happen.

 As more and more regulations are being installed the way for institutions and billions of dollars to come is already paved.

Blockchain grows faster than the Internet did

Compared to the users of the internet, the number of blockchain users grows at a much greater rate. Meaning we will reach the number of one billion users in the foreseeable future – the number of users when the real internet adoption accelerated.

Missing Knowledge

Since the blockchain asset market is only partly regulated, there are dubious offers that are difficult to see through. In order to avoid bad investments, it requires a high effort in research.

Missing Security

Threats leading to a loss of assets: - Phishing & manipulation of payment information - Payment gateway hacks - Wrong address is used (no cancellation possible) - Loss or theft of wallet file - Assets on online exchanges are vulnerable - Loss of access authorizations and passwords

Inadequate Diversification

As a consequence of limited availability someone must use several exchanges & custodian platforms in order to built up a professional portfolio.

Not Bankable

The blockchain assets can neither be deposited into a conventional bank account nor be booked in.

Laborious Usability

Cryptocurrencies must selectively be purchased in balanced relations to each other. In order to ensure diversification, time-consuming monitoring and regular rebalancing is required.

We take care of all the complicated things that matter.

all this combined in our

Blockchain Select AMC

Who can invest?

“Actively Managed Certificate” (AMC) investment products are intended exclusively for qualified investors who reside in Switzerland or other countries who legally allow and agree to investments in AMC investment instruments.

Investor Notice

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